Do Conventions Matter Part 1

This week is the one year anniversary of the 2012 GOP Convention.  Of course it will be remembered for Clint Eastwood‘s speech on the convention’s final night.


Last convention with mystery.

Lackluster events like the 2012 GOP Convention raise the question if political conventions even matter anymore.  Given that ratings for political conventions have been declining for years  some may say conventions don’t matter at all.


No one talking to chairs.

So do political conventions matter in this age of several hundred channels and the unlimited variety of the internet?

Conventions are certainly not like they were in the past.

Before the modern primary system was implemented conventions were where the party nominee was actually picked.  So prior to the convention starting it was not certain who the nominee might be.  That in and of itself makes for more drama than a situation where the nominee is locked up months before hand.

However, even though the rules have changed some of us feel conventions still have a very important role to play in any Presidential election.  Stay tuned for more…


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