Looks Like a Good Read – Bachmannistan

diazkeb_1377562372_bachmannbookIt looks like a new book with soon be hitting my kindle.  A former Bachmann staffer has just written an insiders account of this campaign gone horribly wrong.  The book, Bachmannistan, says it will expose the Minnesota Congresswoman’s illegal and unethical behavior.

There are so many things I hope get revealed.  Who doesn’t want to know about the Ames Iowa Straw Poll, or the implosion afterwards, and of course Marcus Bachmann’s interesting behavior.

Maybe it’s me but she kind of looks like she is wearing a burqa on the front cover.

Seriously, people Christmas will be here before you know it and this sounds like the perfect gift to give anyone.


One thought on “Looks Like a Good Read – Bachmannistan

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