Cornyn Won’t Cruz to Victory

Well actually he will probably easily win reelection.  He’s a very conservative Republican in Texas, so it’s pretty much a slam dunk.  Even a serious primary challenge seems unlikely to knock off someone who has 100% ratings from National Right to Life Committee, National Federation of Independent Business,  Competitive Enterprise Institute, and Gun Owners of America.

ted cruz AP

No endorsement for you John.

However an endorsement from Tea Party darling, and fellow Texas senator, Rafael Edward Cruz (Rafi to his friends) would have helped Cornyn kill any primary opposition before it started.  Guess what?  That ain’t going to happen.

Today, Senator Rafi said he won’t endorse Cornyn or any other incumbent running reelection who faces a GOP primary.  I hope Cornyn has a coat because it just got a little colder in the Texas delegation.

Think about it, even Rand Paul was willing to endorse Mitch McConnell (of course that appears to be part of some Paulian conspiracy to further RonPaul’s son and his ambitions) so this shows how far Rafi is willing to go in being against the party establishment.

This is all a bet by Rafi about the mood of the party.

Rafi is judging that the party base is so angry it will accept no compromise of any kind so the more hardcore he can be the better.  Will it work?  The party is angry and we’ll find out just how angry they are by how much this strategy works.


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