Poll Dancing Woody Hayes Style

Don’t worry no one is going to get hit.  We just have some new numbers out of Ohio.  Public Policy Polling finds among Republican voter it’s a tight pack with:

  • Rand Paul and Chris Christie tied at 17%
  • Jeb Bush at 10%
  • Marco Rubio at 9%
  • John Kasich and Paul Ryan at 8%
  • Ted Cruz at 6%
  • Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum at 4%

Hard to believe Rick Santorum almost won the Buckeye state last time.  Maybe Santorum can coax Mitt Romney into running again and hope it comes down to those two again.  Otherwise, these numbers need to start rising or Santorum is going to have a hard time making the case people should give him money.


Yes, I went there.

Governor Kasich must be wondering where the love is right now.  The guy is the governor of the state.  A positive way to spin it is to say they love the job he’s doing as governor so much they don’t want him to leave.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Paul and Christie are both at the top of the heap right now.  Their feud is the biggest story of the summer for the GOP and people are taking sides.  Will it carry on?  For right now it looks like it will and that it will continue to crowd out other candidates who are fighting for attention.

I wonder how well Mike Pence would have polled if he was included?  Being from a neighboring state and with solid conservative bona fides he could be very popular in a place like Ohio.  The same should also be said for Scott Walker.  Of course if they asked everyone who is thinking about running right now you would probably have people on the phone for 3 hours.


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