Rand Paul’s Not Afraid of CNN

In response to being asked about the RNC’s decision not to partner with CNN or NBC for Presidential primary debates, if they go through with movies about Hillary Clinton, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul disagreed with the party committee.   He said:

“I don’t know exactly whether any kind of prohibition should be made on a network… I think that a Republican primary is for Republicans, and we’re trying to get to a Republican audience, so if there’s a presidential primary, I think we ought to choose people who are going to be fair moderators, I’ve been with fair moderators on all the networks, so I don’t think it’s necessarily a network thing, but I think it is finding someone who is not thought to be already agreed with the other side.”

Attacking CNN and NBC resonates with conservatives.  So, it’s interesting to see someone who is so busy trying to woo that base go against them on this one.

If a contender like Paul isn’t bothered by the networks, this also gives both news outlets a chance to call the RNC’s bluff.  What if they held nationally televised debates, are you really telling me no Republican candidates would show up?  They would all pass up free television time to please a guy named Reince?

I have my doubts.


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