No One Wants a Bucket of Warm Spit

Let me do you a favor.

During the course of the race you will hear speculation that someone is running for Vice President.  Ignore it.  No one who throws their hat in the ring is running for Vice President.

Why? It’s a job no one wants, especially the kind of people who run for President.  Being Vice President has been compared a bucket of warm spit.  Lyndon Johnson was miserable in the job and thought his career was over.

Remember all politicians have huge egos.  They want to be the ones calling the shots and getting the glory.  When you’re Vice President you get neither.  Vice Presidents work to push someone else’s agenda and someone else’s legacy.  If someone has a huge ego ego and knows what comes with being the number two is only going to consider being Vice President if they think it’s the only way to get to the Presidency.

But they are not going to put themselves through a Presidential primary with the goal being to end up as Robin to someone’s Batman.

Keep in mind, running for President is very hard work.  The pace is very demanding and you put yourself out there for negative attacks from your opponents and jokes from late night comedians if things go wrong.  To subject yourself to all of that just to be someone’s second in command sounds pretty silly.

So in the coming weeks and months you know of one thing to block out on the campaign trail.


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