Town Hall Let Down

I thought the summer town hall season would be more lively.  It is being reported that many members of Congress are simply not having them.  This is not just moderates hiding, it also includes solid conservatives like Representative Pete Session of Texas are not holding the events.

Let’s be honest why this is happening.  Given all of the contentious issues like immigration and defunding Obamacare members don’t want to deal with moments like this;

Of course the Matt Kibbe’s of this world are unhappy.  In a New York Times article he called it anti-democratic and the behavior of entrenched insiders.  Yes Matt and the sky is also blue.  Are people like Kibbe really surprised?

Maybe the more important question is if the GOP members, who rode the Tea Party wave in 2010, are afraid to face their constituents what does that say for the level of anger in the party base?  You can bet whoever finds a way to harness that anger will be a very strong contender in 2016.



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