Levin or Limbaugh? Either Way It’s a Mistake

There is now serious talk that the RNC is going to have Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin moderate a debate.  This seems like a mistake for a couple of reasons.

First, it will crowd out the candidates.  Given the newness and someone like Limbaugh’s celebrity, that’s what the media would focus on in the post-debate analysis.  What the candidates actually said would get lost in the shuffle, especially for candidates not polling well.   For that reason alone it may never get off the ground.

Second, the moderators would be timid.  As radio hosts their main focus is ratings.  If they are too tough on candidates it may tick off conservatives and cost them listeners.  Also, that may cost the moderator access to politicians and notable conservatives.  So the fear of those two things will keep the host serving softball questions.

Lastly, how does it look to independent voters?  If all you’re doing is talking to other conservatives it does create the impression you are a little out of touch.


One thought on “Levin or Limbaugh? Either Way It’s a Mistake

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