Hitting the Panic Button NOW!!!

Politico has an interesting article about the reaction of many in the GOP’s upper echelon regarding the party’s performance in 2013.  The reaction seems to be, “HOLY SHIT, STOP THE RIDE!! I WANNA GET OFF!!!”

They are concerned the party isn’t addressing the problems with Latinos, African-Americans, Gays and Lesbians, or independents.

Fortunately for them we have two test cases in 2013 – Virginia and New Jersey.  There are three ways those races can go:

  1. Christie wins big and so does Cuccinelli (both over 55%).  That’s a win for conservatives because it confirms that voters are sick of Obama. Get ready for 2014 blowout and rough waters for Hillary.
  2. Christie wins big and Cuccinelli squeaks by McAuliffe.  That’s a win for the establishment because the moderate in tone candidate did well and the GOP’s ideologue barely beat a very flawed Democratic nominee.
  3. Christie wins big and Cuccinelli loses.  This is armageddon for conservatives.  The guy who hugged Obama wins and the diehard Reagan conservative loses.

Outcomes one and three swing things toward conservative activists or the party establishment regarding 2016.  Outcome 2 keeps the coin flipping in the air on how 2016 goes.

For some funny reason I think 2 is the most likely outcome.


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