Culture War Summer Reunion Tour Texas Jams

If anyone has become a star out of the Culture War’s Summer Reunion Tour it would have to be Wendy Davis.

On Memorial Day weekend she was a state senator in Texas barely known outside her district.  That quickly changed when her attempts to stop abortion restrictions made her an instant hero on left and villain on the right.  Her fame has grown to the point where she is now being profiled in Vogue magazine. 

Senator Davis has been talked about as a candidate for Texas Governor by supporters in the Democratic party and pro-choice groups.  At the same time Davis earned the nickname “Abortion Barbie” from conservatives and pro-life groups.

Although she ultimately failed to stop the legislation in Texas, Davis has become a national figure and will have to decide where she goes from here.  For better or for worse, whatever she chooses she is now part of the culture war.

If you want a more uplifting Texxas Jam, here’s some classic Aerosmith:


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