The Long March Continues

Today in Ames, Iowa Rick Santorum (who is also running a Christian movie studio) spoke at the Family Leadership Summit.  When he was asked about 2016 and how it’s different from 2012 the former-Senator gave an interesting response:

First, Santorum obviously doesn’t like seeing people like Rubio, Christie, and Paul get all of the attention while he lags in the polls, but also understands that is his place in the polls for now.  Second, he knows he’ll need more resources to win this time.  Although he is proud of what he did on a shoe string budget he knows running that way again is a dead end.  Third, he knows it is a long race and that we are just at the start of it and that he can go the distance.

The real question for Santorum is whether or not he moves from protest candidate to real contender.  In 2012 he was an alternative to a weak front runner.  Say what you want about Christie, Rubio, Cruz and Rand there are all going to be tougher than Romney.


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