Rick Santorum’s Been Spending Time In Nixonland

Here is Rick Santorum’s speech to the Family Leadership Summit:

This is his Santorum’s base, aside of course from his friends in the movie industry, and he desperately needs them to stay with him.   Having a new challenger like Red Ted Cruz speaking at the same event shows that this is not going to be easy but it’s clear Santorum is ready to rumble.

Santorum’s speech showed he’s mastering the art of resentment politics.  As you listen notice how many times he mentions the so-called “Establishment Republicans” who all live in big cities.  He also talks a great deal about celebrating not only the job creators but also the job holders, a clear blue collar appeal.  Lastly his cultural arguments are almost Nixonian in his attempt to play on the anger of people towards New York City and Hollywood.

I am guessing someone either just finished Rick Perlstein’s Nixonland or has been studying his Pat Buchanan speeches.


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