Ms. Petri, The Race Has Already Started

Washington Post columnist Alexandra Petri today complained that 2016 speculation is starting too soon.  Well, too bad.  Why shouldn’t 2016 speculation start, considering the race already has?  If you don’t believe me that the race has started please tell me why Ted Cruz is at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa today?

The truth is that the 2016 race began on Wednesday, November 7, 2012.   Anyone who tells you otherwise is kidding themselves. Candidates start the second they can because if they don’t someone else will and that will make all of the difference.

Think about 2012 for a minute.  Mitt Romney spent every second after John McCain lost campaigning and it paid off.  He was able to refine his message, build up a national network of support, lay the ground work for endorsements.  People like Cruz and Huntsman who jumped in late lagged behind.  If the Ricker had been running for four years instead of four month the oops moment never would’ve happened.

Going back to 2008, If Barack Obama hadn’t done exactly the same thing after John Kerry lost there is no way he could’ve won the nomination over Hillary Clinton.

People may not like the four-year Presidential campaign but like rainy days there isn’t much they can do about  it.


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