Rand Paul is Incompetent Not Racist

Rand Paul have been born but he wasn’t born last night.  He knows how to deal with some calling him a racist for hiring neo-confederate Jack Hunter.  He can fake outrage about anyone daring to attack his character.  After all, if you call a white person a racist (especially in front of other white people) you better have air tight evidence.

Of course no one has that on RonPaul Jr. so he can play the victim.

However there is another way to approach Paul’s hiring of Hunter (and trust me from experience no one gets hired in a Congressional office without the member meeting them and seeing their resume).  The way to go at Paul is to say “How could you be so incompetent?  Does no one in your office have access to Google?”


He stands with Rand.

The way to make Paul look bad with GOP primary voters is to make him look like an idiot.

If Paul is exposed as someone who doesn’t pay enough attention to catch something so obvious as hiring the guy on the left than how can he possibly be expected to run the most powerful country in the world?

This kind of attack works on several levels.

First, with a GOP audience it plays into their fundamental distrust of Libertarians (remember the GOP is a conservative party not a libertarian party) to do anything but smoke dope and read Atlas Shrugged.

Second, in a way it kind of links Paul to the failures of the Bush administration.  After all, wasn’t Katrina really about appointing the wrong guy (Brownie)?

Lastly, and most importantly it is a way for Republicans to attack Rand Paul without seeming to be joining the politically correct crowd.  They can claim they have no problem with Paul’s positions on issues X,Y, and Z but just can’t understand how he would be so stupid to employ someone who makes every other conservative look like an idiot.

Yes, Rand Paul is very open to attacks but you have to be smart about it.  Is anyone in the GOP 2016 field? I guess we’ll see.


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