The New and Improved GOP Turns to Mitt Romney

Last night the New Hampshire GOP showed it is ready to move boldly into the future by holding a fundraiser with Mitt Romney.  During his address at the fundraiser Romney warned against threatening to shut down the government if Obamacare isn’t defunded and also encouraged the party to back someone who can win.

That last one is shocking.  I would’ve thought for such Mitt would demand they back a real loser, you know someone who will flop and take everyone down with them.  It would make him look great in comparison.

Of course Mitt Romney saying we shouldn’t try to force Obamacare’s defunding by threat of a government shut down only further enraged the people who want to do exactly that.

On a larger point why would anyone in the GOP want Mitt Romney around?  The guy ran a really crappy campaign (minus the first debate), was hated by all of his rivals (check out Mike Huckabee’s book or Game Change if you don’t know what I mean) and represents yesterday.  If you’re trying to move forward and put a new face on the party he is the last guy you want hanging around.


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