Randy Paul Gets Testy

Apparently Rand Paul is a little testy when you bring up his former-employee Jack Hunter (a.k.a. the Southern Avenger).  In an interview with CNBC reporter John Harwood,  Paul got irritated when his ex-aide was mentioned:

Why don’t we talk about Rand Paul, I’m the one doing the interview. You can go ahead and beat up on an ex-employee of mine, but why don’t we talk about Rand Paul and what I’m trying to do to grow the party, and then we might have an intelligent discussion.

Harwood did remind Paul that Hunter helped him write a book.  From there the discussion got and stayed snippy.  You can get out the rest of the interview here.


Yes this guy worked for Rand Paul. Why would that be controversial?

What is interesting is that Paul seemed really irritated by the whole subject.

Does he think he’ll never get asked about it?  Given what happened with his father’s newsletters in the last two campaigns did he not think hiring a guy who wore a Confederate flag mask was going to draw similar attention and controversy?  How long does he think attacking the messenger is really going to hold up?

A few observations.  As for this going away, the fact because he gets so pissy about it, like kids teasing you over a nickname in junior high, is only going to make reporters (and opponents) bring it up more.

For a guy who has expressed reservations of about supporting the 1964 Civil Rights Act and parts of the Americans With Disabilities Act, Paul is either playing stupid or is eating moron sandwiches if he thinks this is the last he has heard of this topic.

No matter how much Paul complains we shouldn’t forget why this is really important.  Rand Paul is going to run for President.  To think that who he would surround himself with in terms of staff and appointees would not be something voters should know about seems pretty arrogant.  Let’s be honest one way people will judge what you will do in the future is by what you did in the past.  So on that alone Paul is going to get a few more questions on the Southern Avenger.



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