Mustn’t See TV?

Reince Priebus

How is this man still employed?

In a sign that they really aren’t ready for prime-time the Republican National Committee told NBC and CNN they wouldn’t partner with them on future presidential debates unless both companies kill production of recently announced programs about Hillary Clinton.

Apparently, NBC is doing a miniseries on the former Secretary of State and CNN Films is making a documentary.

In retaliation for these sins, Supposedly RNC members will vote on a resolution to not partner with the networks on Republican primary debates if they do not cancel the programs.

I had to re-read this a few times to actually believe it was true.  If you’re party can’t handle dealing with a network doesn’t it raise questions if you can deal with Iran, the deficit, or global warming?  I mean we are talking about miniseries (kudos to NBC for trying to bring those puppies back) and movie no one would’ve watched – until now.


Do the opposite of what he did.

This isn’t the first time this has happened.  In 2008 the Democratic candidates said they might not go on FOX News for a debate.  Fortunately cooler heads prevailed and they went on the network.

Perhaps in a more accurate example, in the early 80’s, at the depths of electoral despair, the U.K. Labour Party boycotted all Rupert Murdoch owned media outlets.  This made their most militant supporters happy and was yet another thing that turned the general public off.  Remember, most normal people hear “we’re not going on CNN” and think “what’s wrong with you you?”

If the GOP were run by grownups, rather than complaining they should just go on NBC, CNN, or any other network, and use it as a chance to take their message to as broad an audience as possible.





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