Poll Dancing Palin Style

Our pals at Public Policy Polling have some new numbers out of Alaska.  Among Republican primary voters in the Last Frontier they found*:

  • Rand Paul at 20%
  • Jeb Bush at 15%,
  • Chris Christie at 14%
  • Paul Ryan at 14%,
  • Marco Rubio at 10%
  • Ted Cruz at 9%
  • Rick Santorum at 6%

This shows that Rand Paul is riding a wave right now and will probably see his position in the polls continue to stay at or near the top.


Go Pat Go 2.0?

For Santorum another sign that he cannot position himself as the heir apparent.  Although in past GOP primaries whoever came in 2nd last time would be the favorite to (and usually would) win it.  Santorum appears to be entering the zone of Pat Buchanan 2000, where he was a protest vote against an unpopular favorite but is seen as electoral poison the next time around.

As I’ve said before I would love to see how the poll would be if Bush and Ryan are not in the race.  For a number of reasons I just don’t see either of them running.  Would their support go to Christie or Rubio?

Speaking of Rubio, he now seems to be falling behind because of immigration and should be concerned that Cruz is gaining on him.  Don’t be shocked if next time Cruz actually passes Rubio.

(*They also included Sarah Palin and George Zimmerman in one poll but since neither of them are serious people I decided not to include that poll)



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