Newt Gingrich Loves Rand Paul and Hates New Jersey

Recently, on the Laura Ingraham show Newt Gingrich, in a really shocking move, decided to sound off on the Christie/Paul feud. The former-House Speaker and failed Presidential candidate took the side of Rand Paul against the New Jersey Governor:

I am sure none of this come from Christie calling Newt an embarrassment to the GOP in 2012.

It is also a little amusing to hear Gingrich attack someone for speaking about something they, in Newt’s view, don’t know very much about. It’s not like Newt’s ever done that, aside from women getting infections being in a ditch and men being natural giraffe hunters; Susan Smith killing her kids being the result of voting for Democrats; a lunar mining colony; and the tragedies at Columbine High School or Virginia Tech. 

The most interesting thing about Gingrich’s deciding to bring in Christie’s being from New Jersey.

 With the GOP base that is actually a really damning thing for Christie.  He is an Catholic, white-ethnic, from the Northeast running to get the support of a party controlled by Evangelical Protestant, white Anglo-Saxons, from the South.  Reminding people of how New Jersey is (especially their stereotypical view of the Garden State) is a nice way to put a little wedge between them and Christie. 

So while he may be a big mouthed douche, Gingrich politically is on to something in his attack of Christie. 



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