Has the Tea Party Changed Focus

Josh Kraushaar of the National Journal has a new article asking if the Tea Party has peaked.  Pointing to a lack of serious primary challengers for people like Lindsey Graham and John Cornyn, Kraushaar says some of the intensity of 2010 is gone.

I think the jury is out.

One thing about Tea Party challengers is that they are catch fire late.  At this point in 2009 everyone thought Rick Lazio, Michael Castle, Bob Bennett, and Sue Lowden all looked like winners in the GOP primary.  All of them lost to insurgent’s who caught fire late.  So don’t count out any challengers just yet.

Second, why primary the House?  Boehner is scared to death and isn’t going to move legislation like immigration.  The one time he tried with the farm bill he got burned.

What the Tea Party might also be doing is switching its energies to 2016.  If they got behind just one candidate (unlike in 2012) that person would be in a tough place to beat.


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