Save the Iowa Straw Poll


Someone wants to stop this fun.

On of the fights in Iowa between the party chair and governor, which was detailed very well by the National Review, is over the future of the Iowa Straw Poll.  This event happens every 4 years the August before the Iowa Caucus in Ames at Iowa State University campus.  Anyone in Iowa who wants to give up a day and pay to get in (it is after all a fundraiser for the state party) can vote.  A little secret is that campaigns pay for tickets and will provide transportation, so it’s really a free thing for most people.

It gives the media something to focus on and is a test of candidate’s strength at that moment.  Now of course it is not binding and people who have won it have flamed out, like Michelle Bachmann.  On the other side of the coin it did show the building support for Huckabee in 2008 and Santorum in 2012.

Most of all – it’s FUN.

That’s right, it’s actually a way to make politics a little more enjoyable and get people involved.  Going to past Straw Polls you could’ve met Karl Malone or heard Randy Travis sing.  You think you’re going to get that a debate?

So, if you agree that we should Save the Straw Poll please call the Iowa GOP at 515.282.8105 or email them at


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