The Fix Needs To Be Fixed

In Chris Cillizza’s latest column he discusses how the 2016 GOP Primary will be a battle over just how much Libertarianism the GOP is willing to put up with.  Frankly, I don’t think it will really come down to Libertarianism.

He closes out the piece with a top ten list of GOP candidates.  Here is his list:

  • 10. Rick Santorum
  • 9. Bobby Jindal
  • 8. Paul Ryan
  • 7. Ted Cruz
  • 6. John Kasich
  • 5. Jeb Bush
  • 4. Scott Walker
  • 3. Rand Paul
  • 2. Chris Christie
  • 1. Marco Rubio

Couple of problems with this list.  First, Ryan and Bush ain’t running.  I know Ryan went to Iowa.  That’s probably got more to do with his raising money for House candidates.  Iowa always has at least one very competitive Congressional race.

Chris Christie and Marco Rubio are ranked too high.  Both have big problems with the party base on key issues (immigration and guns) that are going to haunt them.  Ted Cruz is ranked way too low.  He’s ability to pick fights with just about everyone in the Senate endears him to the party’s conservative base in a way Christie, Rubio, and Santorum can’t.

Here is the Elephant Race’s top ten:

  • 10. Allen West or some other crazy Congressman
  • 9. Ricker – Rick Perry
  • 8. Rick Santorum
  • 7. Bobby Jindal
  • 6. John Kasich
  • 5. Marco Rubio
  • 4. Chris Christie
  • 3. Scott Walker
  • 2. Rand Paul
  • 1. Ted Cruz

Yes, this is not the list you’ll get elsewhere but if you wanted to conventional wisdom you wouldn’t be here.


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