Georgia On Our Mind

Many good things have come from Georgia including Coca Cola, Herschel Walker, and the Black Crows.  It seems like Georgia will also soon give us a great GOP primary.  Included in this cast of characters is:

  • Congressman Jack Kingston – establishment favorite and big dork*
  • Businessman Eugene Yu
  • Representative and Ron Paul endorsed Paul Broun
  • WNBA team owner Kelly Loeffler
  • Former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel
  • Congressman and Porno-mustache sporter Phil Gingrey

Harry Reems for Senate?

Considering this is probably a very safe GOP U.S. Senate seat, sorry DCSS and Sam Nunn’s daughter, whoever wins the GOP primary will have a job as long as they want it.  Of course that is based on their ability to never, EVER, start thinking for themselves like Saxby Chambliss did on crazy issue like immigration, which is why he quit (Mrs. Chambliss ain’t that special to give up a career for).

Wonder what GOP hopefuls for 2016 will do.  Most will stay out but it’s hard to believe Rand Paul will leave his dear old daddy hanging and not join in the fun by supporting Paul Broun.  Of course that will prompt McCain and the other Neo-Cons to support whoever can beat Broun (oh the magic of proxy wars – like Chile in the early 80’s minus a soccer stadium).

* Met Jack at a Frank Luntz party and he was embarrassed when I introduced him to my partner.  Considering that happened in 2005 I would say that makes Jacky a big dork.


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