Poll Dancing in Cheneyville

It seems that recently Wyoming is getting a little more attention.  Guess it is thanks to Dick’s daughter Liz and her blonde ambition.  In addition to surveying Republicans about the little Cheney who went out west and broke all the rules, our pals at Public Policy Polling also wanted to know Republicans thoughts on 2016.

They found that:

Rand Paul lgets 19% to 14% for Christie, 13% for Bush, 11% for Ryan, 9% for Macro Rubio and Red Ted Cruz, 4% for Rick Santorum, 3% for Bobby Jindal, and 1% for Susana Martinez. Paul leads based on his strong showing with voters identifying as ‘very conservative,’ with whom he gets 24%.

First, this must drive the Cheney’s crazy.  Not only is the daughter trailing in the polls but the Republican they hate the most is leading in the polls.  Second two non-candidates Bush and Ryan are pulling 24% combined.  Where will that vote go when/if neither runs? Christie should feel good being a clear second to a guy who is much more of a natural fit for Wyoming than he is.

For the New Robert Evans (aka Rick Santorum) this poll is another sign that people seem to have forgotten he came in second in the race.  In fact, Santorum came in second and got 32% in the Wyoming caucuses.  He really needs to step it up or risk being an after thought.


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