Thanks Mr. Positive

It seems Red Ted Cruz isn’t exactly Mr. Positive when it comes to the current state of the U.S.A.  In the interview below he lays out a less than cheery view:

Putting aside his stoking the fires of paranoia on gay marriage (notice he didn’t name any countries) this is not exactly Reagan-esque optimism.  Cruz paints a picture of an America that is about to overrun by barbarian hordes and descend into misery.

Is this really how people feel?  Do you think most moderate voters believe we are on the verge of collapse?  When someone says that how do they then walk back from it?

That may work right now with the most hardcore conservative activists (who is Red Ted’s real target right now) but that video is going to be around forever.  Might be odd in 2016 (especially if unemployment in less than 7%) to make the case that America is almost the Weimar Republic but one more tax cut is going to save us.  If the Republican party talks in that gloomy, angry, paranoid style it risks turning many people off.


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