King Me? Really?

In a move that will generate confusion and laughs, New York Congressman Peter King is contemplating running for President in 2016.  On the plus side he has working class appeal, is seen as an expert in GOP circles on foreign policy and homeland security issues and would do well on Long Island.

On the negative side for his campaign he is an old, ethnic guy from the Northeast running in a party that is controlled by Southern WASPs. He is also seen as too cozy with the unions and has been criticized by the National Right to Work Committee for years.  His pushing of a House version of the Manchin-Toomey bill will not win him any friends with conservative activists.


At least someone else wants Peter King to run

His mix of aggressive foreign policy, support for unions, and social conservatism (minus guns) will help the GOP get the three or four Archie Bunkers out there who don’t already vote Republican.  Otherwise he offers nothing new to the party and probably won’t make it past the summer of 2015.

If King is smart he will stay in Congress.  Running could also end up costing him his seat.  History is filled with numerous example of this including Bob Dornan, Thaddeus McCotter, or Chris Dodd.



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