Ricker is the new Bubba?

When asked by the Washington Post Dan Balz about whether his poor performance in 2012 cripples any chances in 2016, the Ricker drew a nice little analogy:

“You mean in the way Bill Clinton’s introduction was bad?”


Just like the Ricker in 2012?

Ricker is of course referencing how Clinton talked way too long in his nomination speech for Dukakis at the 88 Democratic National Convention. As Balz’s reminded him that was one bad night not a series of mistakes. Then the Ricker showed he really could be the next comeback kid by saying “America’s been a country of second choices. . . If one performance or a series of performances pretty much blackballs you, then it does. But I don’t think that’s what this country’s all about.”

Of course that is why the Ricker is not the comeback kid.  You see in 88 people thought Clinton talked too long but no one thought he was an idiot.  The Ricker on the other hand…


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