Graham is in trouble

It appears Senator Lindsey Graham is in for a long 2014.  As previously discussed, Graham was one of the Republicans (along with Lamar! Alexander and Susan Collins) most likely to face a primary.  It appears that threat is starting to materialize.

A recent article in the Columbia, SC Patch detailed how a coalition of 9/12ers, Tea Party groups, and conservatives from across the state worked through a full agenda dedicated to pulling together their resources to oust Graham in 2014.  You can also bet that Ronpaul supporters will be joining as well.  There is no love lost between Graham and the Pauls:

A big factor in the race will be what Jim DeMint does.  He is the former Senator and now the head of the Heritage Foundation.  DeMint is beloved by the party base in South Carolina and around the country.  If he endorses someone that could be real trouble for Graham.

Look for Lindsey Graham to be very active in the next few months trying to reestablish his conservative bona fides.  I predict a great deal of China bashing and traditional values posturing.


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