The fight over foreign policy comes to Wyoming


No idea if guy in photo is good or bad conservative.

There is talk that Liz Cheney is going to run against Senator Mike Enzi in the 2014 GOP primary.  Since Wyoming is such an overwhelming Republican state whoever wins the primary will be the next U.S. Senator (keep in mind Romney got 69 percent of the vote and won every count but one).

It seems that Senator Rand Paul wants the world to know he’s got Enzi’s back.  In an article in Politico Paul said he considers Enzi a “good conservative.”  Whatever that means.  What is a bad conservative – someone who tips 12% or parks in handicap spaces?

Actually this has nothing to do with Mike Enzi.

This all about the battle between the Pauls and Cheneys and what each family represents in the GOP world.  The Pauls represent non-interventionist wing of GOP foreign policy (what their opponents call isolationism).  They opposed the war in Iraq and wanted us out of Afghanistan and Iraq yesterday.  In addition they want to cut military spending and are not afraid to talk about things like blow back and staying out of war with Iran:

This is a growing wing in the GOP and one that runs right into the Neo-conservative wing of the GOP which the Cheney’s are among the vocal leaders.  Liz Cheney, like her father, is a hawk on going to war with Iran (of course like her dad in Vietnam she won’t actually do any of the fighting) and resists any calls to cut military spending:

This has already played itself out once.  In 2010 Dick Cheney endorsed Rand Paul’s primary opponent.  If Rand Paul can play a prominent role in helping Enzi defeat Cheney it will send a small message that the non-interventionist wing of the GOP is becoming a real force in the party.  So the battle for Wyoming could be a nice skirmish in the larger war for the future of the party.

Hope the guy in the picture is ready for it.


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