Have a hard time believing it

A new poll has come out saying:

A solid 65% majority of Republicans support a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants if it is coupled with substantially increased border security

This is from a poll by Americans for a Conservative Direction, which is a conservative group that includes former Mississippi Governor and RNC Chair Haley Barbour and wants to reform immigration while securing the border.

Now you may see that poll and think it is a slam dunk to get immigration reform through.  The group even says immigration reform is supported by 75% of primary voters who consider themselves Tea Party members.

However, there is a caveat people should be aware of and that is the phrase “substantially increased border security.”  Yes, if people believe the border is or can be secured than they will support immigration reform.  But if you listen to conservative activists and Congressional Republicans it is clear they don’t believe the border is being secured.  Want proof, listen to this:

So you can take that poll with a grain of salt.



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