Rand will see your ultrasound & raise you a wire hanger

Looks like Rand Paul will show everyone just how light in the loafers Walker, Rubio and Kasich really are.  Instead of banning abortion after 20 weeks or requiring an ultrasound, Ronpaul’s son is introducing the Life at Conception Act.  Under this law 14th Amendment protections would apply at a fetus from the moment an egg is fertilized by sperm.

Ok this bill is going Jack Shit Nowhere.  But it does show that Rand Paul is trying to cement support from the hard social right.  Will it fit with his more libertarian supporters?  We’ll see.  If it does it could make him a real force in Iowa and New Hampshire.


4 thoughts on “Rand will see your ultrasound & raise you a wire hanger

  1. But if it is a medical fact that at conception a new living human being begins to exist, why is such a law so crazy?

  2. I didn’t say it was crazy. My point is political. This law isn’t going anywhere.

    Why do I say that?

    Mississippi voted a on a similar measure and it lost 55-45. If a law like that can’t pass in Mississippi, which is a very conservative state, I think it tells you the political viability it has the country as a whole.

    Paul isn’t doing this to get a law passed. He wants the activists who live and breath for a law like that to support his campaign. Paul understands that they may be a small number of the overall electorate but they give money, make phone calls, knock on doors, and drag people to a caucus or primary. Supporters like that early on are key to any successful primary campaign.

  3. He may well want it passed into law. However he can count and knows the votes aren’t there. While he would be happy to see it passed his main motivation for doing this seems to be to build support among the pro-life community.

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