Maybe he’s learning from the last time

The Ricker ran in 2012 and started out well.  He jumped in with high expectations and solid poll numbers.  The problem is that he started in August 2011 when other candidates like Romney, Ron Paul, and Santorum had been running for 2.5 years.

This was a reason Perry started slipping after he entered the race. See Perry came into the race just as people were starting to pay attention and the pressure was ramping up.  So any mistakes or unsteady performances were magnified.  Maybe something like:

Now if a candidate has time to go out on the stump and give speeches to smaller crowds with much, much, much less media coverage to perfect their delivery, sound bites, and program they can avoid moments like the one above.  Perry didn’t get the time to do that and it showed in fall 2011.

This proves why running for President really is a 4 year process.  Everyone who is serious about winning the nomination is already running.  Anyone who thinks they can jump into it at the last minute will probably meet the same fate as Perry or Huntsman.


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