Cruz control in Texas

Public Policy Polling, one of the most accurate pollsters in 2012, has more numbers out of Texas.  Yesterday we already chronicled the Ricker’s electoral prowess. Today we see that the state’s Junior Senator should be encouraged by the results.  According to a survey of 318 Republican primary voters:

 Senator Ted Cruz is the preferred choice for Republicans in his home state, taking in 27% of the primary vote. Jeb Bush finished second with 15%, and Chris Christie and Rand Paul both finished with 11%. Rick Perry’s presidential aspirations appear to be dead in the Lone Star State, as only 18% of Texas Republicans wish for him to run.

Would be interested to see who people have for their second choice.  If Jeb doesn’t run where will his 15% go?  Most likely to Christie or Rubio but you never know.  Also, where does Rubio stake up?  Is this because of his support for immigration reform that he isn’t in the top four.  Sadly, the Ricker is doing such a great job as Texas Governor the people simply don’t want him to leave and run for the White House.  Why else wouldn’t they want him to run?


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