Not good news for Rubio or immigration reform

If the argument from some in the GOP is that passing immigration reform will help them with Latino voters, this poll is not a welcome sign.  Turnouts out among Latino voters Hillary Clinton beats Marco Rubio 66 percent to 28 percent.  The survey from Latino Decisions also shows Vice President Joe Biden leads Rubio 60 percent to 28 percent.

Rubio is favored by Latino Republican voters with 29 percent, followed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie with 14 percent, Bush with 13 percent and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) with 11 percent.

First, it’s no surprise Rubio is the top GOP candidate among Latino voters.  The guys is the most prominent Latino Republican politician in the country after all.  Secondly, this does give opponents of immigration reform in the GOP a number to beat immigration supporters over the head with.  You can almost hear Beck or Limbaugh argue “Even with a big amnesty supporter like Rubio latino voters do not support the GOP.  And what does having a pro-amnesty candidate do to suppress conservative turnout.”



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