Is someone out of touch

In today’s Washington Post Jennifer Rubin lays out ten signs that someone is not the one for 2016:


1. The candidate votes no on everything.

2. The candidate becomes the victim of mainstream media.

3. The candidate is responsible for nothing and is not obliged to offer alternatives.

4. The candidate confuses talk with accomplishment and derides accomplishment as “selling out.”

5. The candidate considers legislative compromise and executive deal-making as sins.

6. The candidate can dish it out and make up some weird stuff but takes great offense when his own words are used against him.

7. The candidate denounces “business as usual” — but claiming to be the outsider and denouncing any compromise has been pretty much business as usual recently.

8. The candidate feigns intellectual sophistication but isn’t very adept at policy and misreads most of what the candidate cites as authority on a given subject.

9. The candidate considers actual people to be an afterthought; they take a back seat to abstract principles.

10. The candidate name calls but doesn’t make arguments on the merits.

As she says in her column, the list is aimed at Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

People at the Washington Post may like this list and feel comfortable with it.  I doubt many, if any grassroots conservatives care what Ms. Rubin thinks.  Keep in mind this is a woman said  “Heritage Foundation was becoming ‘a political instrument in service of extremism’ by hiring Jim DeMint as its president.”

So she’e really got her finger on the pulse of the conservative movement.


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