Who do you stand with

Guess who’s back? Back again.  Culture wars are back.  Tell a friend.

That’s right the culture wars are back in full bloom.  The two sides of the war are being epitomized by who people stand with.

In March, Rand Paul delivered his filibuster of the Obama administration’s drone program. While it may have started with some libertarian notions by the end it deteriorated into a full blown Obama-bash with Cruz, Rubio, John Cornyn and even Mitch McConnell joining in the fun.  This Tea Party love fest spilled over into social media and CPAC where “Stand With Rand” became a rallying cry.

Contrasted with this is last night’s filibuster by Senator Wendy R. Davis.  She had to speak for 13 straight hours to stop a Texas anti-abortion bill:

Yes #StandwithWendy is now a twitter hashtag.

Of course you can throw in the recent battles over gun control, the continuing fight over immigration, and Supreme Court’s decision on the Voting Rights Act and it’s ruling on gay marriage (which comes out today at 10:00 am) and what you see are the two sides, those who stand with Rand or with Wendy, already going at it.

Now of course not everyone who stands with Wendy or Rand agrees with their side on every issue but in the broad general sense, the way most political labels are given out, if you stand with Rand you are on the conservative side and if you’re with Wendy you’re on the liberal side.

If you want a test run of how this will play out look no further than the races in Virginia this year.

The interesting question is how far will Republican candidates be willing to buck their side on the culture wars.  My guess is that no one serious about winning the nomination will be.


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