DOMA and GOP candidates

Well the Supreme Court just launched another grenade in the culture war.  By striking down the Defense of Marriage Act the Supreme Court has really pissed off every social conservative in the country.

Now many very political commentators are saying the GOP should just accept the Court’s ruling and move on.  They argue this is an issue that kills the GOP with younger voters.  The RNC’s autopsy said the same thing.

So clearly the party’s base and candidates who need their support to get the nomination are going to do that.  Yeah right.  You think Jim DeMint and Heritage Action, the Family Research Council, James Dobson, Michelle Bachmann, Faith and Freedom Coalition are just going away quietly?

As Vince McMahon would say, “No Chance In Hell!!”

What does this mean for candidates in 2016?  If they want to get the support of social conservatives in Iowa, South Carolina, every primary state outside of the Northeast, they will have to voice support for repealing what the Supreme Court did or at least say “I will nominate judges who support traditional marriage.”

In short, think abortion only with activists even more pissed off.

As I get them I’ll post candidates reactions to the Court’s ruling.



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