SC Primary Could Be a Test Run

I get the feeling Lindsey Graham is going to face a primary in 2014 and it’ll say a great deal about the GOP’s current and future 515328830_image_1024wprospects.  It should not surprise anyone. He has really stuck his neck out over immigration.  Going so far as to say in an interview with the Wall Street Journal:

“If I lose, I lose. I don’t want to stop being a senator to be senator.”

In addition, Graham is an internationalist (like his mentor John McCain) in a party that looks (and looks can be very deceiving) to be turning more non-interventionist (or what Graham calls isolationist) and he is no fan of Ron Paul.

In fact Graham said of Texas Congressman and his acolytes:

Given that kind of talk the supporters of Ron Paul almost have too primary him.  If they can find a credible candidate, aka someone known outside of their involvement with Ron Paul they could have a good chance of knocking Graham out.

What would that say about the GOP going forward?  First, that immigration support is a non-starter for candidates who want to be competitive in South Carolina and other southern states (aside from Florida).  Second, the supporters of Ron Paul are becoming a real force in the GOP.  Lastly, that the party establishment better consolidate around someone very fast.


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