How many is too many?

That is the question some in the GOP, especially Reince Priebus, are throwing around when it comes to debate for the 2016 GOP Presidential Primary.  The general consensus is that the GOP had too many debates last time and it doomed them.

Rubbish. This is all part of Priebus trying to blame Michael Steele and cover his own ass for the GOP’s loses in 2012.

The problem wasn’t the number of debates.  If anything the increased number of debates gave us a chance to see how people really were under pressure, how they would do in the general election and as president.

We saw Tim Pawlenty’s punting against Romney:

Rick Perry’s lack of well “preparation”:

Do you think the GOP would’ve been better served if they didn’t know that about two prominent candidates?

Plus it gave lesser known candidates like Rick Santorum exposure and a chance to lay out their program.  And who didn’t love Herman Cain’s perpetual audition for being a Fox News contributor?

Maybe it wasn’t the number of debates, it’s what was said at them that was the problem.


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