Stuck on the Border

With the failure of the farm bill, which the Heritage Foundation’s political arm Heritage Action for America claims credit for, why does anyone think the immigration reform bill will pass the House?

Conservative media outlets are already blasting the bill.  If Boehner can’t keep his caucus together over the farm bill, which guarantees everyone who votes for it millions in contributions from agri-business, you think he’ll keep them together over something conservative pundits say is worse than Obamacare:

To tell me that Boehner will work with the Democrats on this one and pass it with majority Democratic support and less than half his own caucus is telling me you think John Boehner doesn’t want to be Speaker of the House anymore.  Yeah right.

I could be wrong, but if the immigration bill falls apart you can bet this will still be an issue with the GOP activists, primary and caucus voters in 2016.  You can already hear Ted Cruz cheering and Marco Rubio screaming.


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