Two steps backward one step sideways

As we saw with Bobby Jindal not everyone in the GOP is feeling introspective or has learned a lesson. In today’s Politico the article “The GOP’s Clueless Caucus” details how the stupid statements of many Republicans have hurt the party’s effort to rebrand itself after the 2012 election.  Authors Burns and Sherman detail how elected officials and candidates have:

waxed philosophic about “legitimate rape,” reflected on the economic role of “wetbacks” and denounced the actions of “brazen, self-described illegal aliens.” They’ve lamented that “mom got in the workplace” and called out the United States attorney general for casting “aspersions on my asparagus.”

The piece goes on and talks about stupid things Congressman Franks said during the debate over a bill to ban all abortions after the 20 weeks.  Highlighting the House leadership’s efforts to curb this stupidity the piece talks of how Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee was brought in to advocate for the legislation on the House floor.

Is this supposed to be some kind of an improvement? Sure as a woman Blackburn will be able to beat back some of the attacks but the fact still remains the GOP in Congress is pushing a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks.

If anything the party leadership who thought Blackburn was the answer are almost as clueless as Congressman Franks.  They let the bill come up in the first place.  Why?  It’s going nowhere in the Senate and would be vetoed by President Obama if it did pass the upper chamber.  All this does is put members in swing districts on record for supporting legislation most independents oppose.  It also gives the Democrats another opportunity to bring up the War on Women (hopefully that moron Lena Dunham will not be asked her opinion on this).

One thing the article doesn’t look at is that the “Clueless Caucus”  didn’t spontaneous spring up from nowhere.  All of the Congressional members got elected.  They have supporters in their district and around the country who think just like them on these issues.  The fact is that at the grassroots level these guys speak for many people in the GOP.  If they didn’t how could E.W. Jackson get the GOP nomination for Lt. Governor a few weeks ago.

The problems for the GOP are not going to be solved with a report or two.  And as long as the Clueless Caucus is around and not taken on by anyone in the party leadership or prominent conservatives things will definitely not get better.


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