GOP and Hip Hop

Somethings just don’t go together.  On this list I would put drinking and driving, Michael Bay and a movie camera, the Buffalo Bills and the Super Bowl.  We need to add something to that list – the GOP and Hip Hop.

This applies in particular to Marco Rubio.  Look I understand his affinity for rap music.  Like myself, Rubio is part of the generation old enough to remember when rap was something new (I still remember the first rap song I ever heard) and I am sure he really does like Tupac and Biggie Smalls.  But his quoting of rap lyrics just sounds stupid.

As part of Rand Paul’s stunt on the Senate Floor, I mean filibuster, Rubio dropped a few rhymes here. When he mentions his opposition to gay marriage he says it does not make him a “hater.”

Is this supposed to make him cool or acceptable to a younger, more diverse audience?  Well it doesn’t.  Why, he’s a politician in a suit.  There is nothing cool about that.  And trying to be cool when you are not only makes you look really stupid

Be careful Rubio and other Republicans or you could end up like this:


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