Two Primaries

There are two media primaries going on right now.  One you want to win and one you must lose.  They are the FOX News and MSNBC primaries.  These are not contests for either network’s support but more accurately what each network represents.

FOX News is the head of a large and very influential, at least among GOP primary voters, block of news outlets.  Some of these outlets include the Washington Times, National Review, Weekly Standard, Limbaugh, Redstate, Beck, Laura Ingraham, Wall Street Journal Editorial Page, Coulter, New Hampshire Union Leader, Michael Savage, etc.

MSNBC represents the more liberal side of the media.  This would include CNN, NPR, the Daily Show, the New York Times, NBC. ABC, CBS, L.A. Times editorial page, Colbert Report, New Republic, Atlantic Monthly etc.

Being the Republican who wins the FOX News primary is in a good spot.  Think George W. Bush in 2000 or Romney in 2008 or 2012. Even though Romney didn’t get the nomination in 2008 having their support helped propel a one-term governor to become the heir apparent after McCain lost.

Right now Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Scott Walker are running hard for it.  Marco Rubio is falling behind because of immigration.

Now sometimes when you win you really lose.  This applies to the MSNBC primary.  Like John McCain in 2000 or John Huntsman in 2012.  Sure they get a great deal of good coverage but it doesn’t win you any support from a group of people who loathe the MSNBC crowd.

The only person in the running for this win is Chris Christie.  After all, do you think Scott Walker is going to slow jam the news with Jimmy Fallon anytime soon?


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