On Morning Joe… Again!

Yup Chris Christie was on Morning Joe AGAIN!!  Mr. Garden State can’t seem to stay away from Joe Scarborough (the Uncle Rico of American Politics), Mika (did I tell you I’m an empowered woman? That’s right, a successful woman!) Brzezinski and their lovable panels.

Earth to planet Christie – Republican primary voters DESPISE MSNBC.  They would probably rather sit through a four hour speech from Fidel Castro or watch Al Jazeera than tune into MSNBC.  You aren’t going to hit the GOP primary audience on that network.

And please don’t tell me “he’s running in a blue state so he has to reach out to Democrats.”  In a recent poll he was up 64-24.  That’s 40 points people!!  Unless he strangles Bruce Springsteen to death with is bare hands and then wipes his ass with the American flag on live television, he is going to win by at least 10 points (even under that scenario he’s still a slight favorite).

If Christie is smart that was his last appearance on MSNBC for a long time.


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