Does Christie even want to run?

It sounds like a ridiculous question but his recent behavior does raise the thought.

First, he schedules the special election in October 2013.  That gives his Republican appointee about 25 minutes in the U.S. Senate.  Instead of having the election in November 2014 which would have given that person time to first help the Republicans fight against Democratic legislation and also build up enough name ID to potentially (if many things fell into place, most of which are unlikely but you never know) hold on to the seat or at least make a good showing (forcing the Democrats nationally to spend resources they will need to hold onto seats in Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina and New Hampshire).  This pissed people off.  Including a certain talk show host, who’s kinda popular with GOP primary voters:

Now it comes out Christie has been coy about endorsing Steve Lonegan.  Now I’m no Steve Lonegan fan.  He has almost no chance of winning the special election, but the guys is a die hard conservative on social and economic issues. He was American’s For Prosperity’s New Jersey State Director, which means he is connected to tea party groups on a national level.  Lonegan is the kind of guy grassroots Republican across the nation like.  He is the kind of person Christie will need to say good things about him when he runs in the early primary states or at the very least not go around saying “Chris Christie is no conservative and here’s why…”

Why will Christie need someone to endorse his conservative bona fides. I think these video explains it all:

He’s establishment, he’s McCain, andhe’s secretly a Democrat.  If Limbaugh is saying this now you can imagine how heated this will get once we get pasted 2014.

Christie needs to stop the bleeding if he is serious about running in 2016.


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