Who will be 2016’s Gravel or Keyes

Every Presidential primary needs a Mike Gravel.  Who might you ask is Mike Gravel?

ImageWell, first of all it’s Senator Mike Gravel.  Yup, he served in the U.S. Senate from 1968-1980. During his tenure Gravel was a major opponent of the Vietnam war and worked to end the draft.  Following his loss in 1980 he disappeared from American politics.

For some great reason he decided to rise from the political dead and run for President in 2008.  When he reemerged he came back bat-shit crazy:

Of course, Gravel is not alone.  Alan Keyes has filled the role of bat-shit crazy guy thrice in GOP primaries:

Why are these guys needed? Because most of the multi-candidate debates are boring as hell without them.  The top-tier candidates are just trying to get through the night without making a mistake.  So they rely on boring talking points and the fact that they can’t engage each other directly (for the most part) to run out the clock.  But the Keyes and Gravel’s of this world actually say stuff that is unexpected, sometimes insane, and usually funny.

Who will step up to play that role in 2016?


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