Where’s Christie?

Cruz, Paul, West, Walker, Bush, and Ryan were all in D.C. this week to snuggle up to the Faith and Freedom Coalition but where was the most popular Republican in the country?  Governor Chris Christie was speaking to the Clinton Global Initiative.  If I were his scheduler I’d start looking for a new job.

Blowing off a major piece of the GOP coalition may be a good way for Christie to win the MSNBC caucus.  However, he’ll need the support of people who loathe the Clintons and don’t really care if Governor Christie slow jams the news with Jimmy Fallon or parties with Springsteen.

If Christie thinks he can run against his party and win he should check out the McCain 2000 campaign (which I volunteered on).  While it was fun to win big in New Hampshire and be a sensation for a few weeks, in the end the party rallied around Bush and it was over.  If Christie wants to avoid that he should get his big ass to the next one of these cattle calls.


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