Primary Day in Virginia

Today the Democrats in Virginia are selecting their candidates for Lt. Governor and Attorney General.  Of course this has no impact on the GOP Presidential Primary but how the Virginia GOP’s ticket performs in the fall could have an impact. 

See typically in the gubernatorial races following the Presidential elections the party that loses the White House wins in Virginia and New Jersey.   Even though Obama won Virginia in 08 and 12 everyone figures normally the GOP should be able to win the governor’s race like it did in 2009. The problem is that this is not a normal GOP ticket.  This is probably the most conservative and bombastic ticket the Virginia has ever put up. Although in the past the party has run its fair share of kooks (paging Mike Farris) they have never had a ticket where all three candidates are known primarily for their stances on hot-button social issues.  

For example, gubernatorial nominee Cuccinelli is 100% against abortion, believes global warming is a hoax, would teach creationism, and thinks gays and lesbians are unnatural.   Lt. Governor E.W. Jackson echoes those views and also thinks Yoga and meditation can lead the Satan possessing people.  Don’t me check it out.  Lastly, Attorney General Obenshaim introduced legislation that would force women to notify police within 24 hours of having a miscarriage (so he’s really a sensitive guy).

Now what could be worse for GOP – if this groups wins or if it loses?  A loss by two or possibly all three of these clowns would humiliate the GOP for blowing an election historical trends say they should.  But wouldn’t a loss maybe give the party pause to think that they can go to far or that what was acceptable in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s just doesn’t work anymore?  Because there is no way anyone can credibly say these guys lost because they were too moderate. 

You know what the hard right will say if sweep or win two of three.  The CPAC crowd will howl, “see a squish like Romney lost to Obama and real conservatives won Virginia the next year.  If we run a real conservative we’ll win big next time.”  

Just something to think about on a day when it looks like less than 100,000 will vote in a statewide primary.  



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