Polls – because it’s never too early to poll

One of the best polling firms in the country, Public Policy Polling, has some Michigan numbers.  

As an aside, PPP was criticized by conservatives in the fall 2012 for being too liberal.  Turns out they were more accurate than whatever the GOP was doing that forecasted a Romney victory (I am guessing it involved reading pig intestines).  

That said here are their Michigan GOP 2016 Presidential Primary numbers:

  • Rand Paul at 18%
  • Jeb Bush at 16%
  • Chris Christie at 15%
  • Paul Ryan at 12%
  • Marco Rubio at 11%
  • Ted Cruz at 7%
  • Rick Santorum at 6%
  • Bobby Jindal at 4%
  • Susana Martinez with less than 1%.

I know it’s REALLY early but this does show that Santorum is going nowhere.  Remember Santorum only lost to Romney (who was born there and his dad was governor) by 3% in 2012.  To see him polling at only 6% percent is proof his support was probably anti-Romney not pro-Santorum.  

PPP also said:

“Paul’s support Paul leads based on his strength with two key groups. Among voters who identify themselves as ‘very conservative,’ he’s at 31% with none of the other GOP hopefuls higher than 15%. And with voters under 45 he’s at 28%, giving him at least a 13 point lead over the rest of the field.”

It’s surprising he’s leading with the first group but not shocking he’s doing well in the second.  Wonder what their polling shows happens if Bush or Ryan aren’t in the race.  

One last take away, if a poll like this comes out in June 2015 the GOP establishment (aka the people who want to win elections 1st and save the world 2nd) would probably shit a brick and the DNC would start putting the champagne on ice. 


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