Head West Young Man

May not be the first person to say this but it seems obvious – Allen West is going to run for President in 2016.  This Tea Party darling has no chance of winning but that’s not why he’s running.

Why would he do it?  First, he likes the cheering crowds (why else would someone who represented part of Florida in Congress go to the Virginia GOP convention).  Second, he doesn’t seem like he’s interested in fighting for his old seat.  I say this based on the fact he has openly discussed running in other states including Georgia.  Third, it keeps his name in the public eye.  Fourth, it’s what he needs to get a show on FOX News (which is what everyone running hopes to get if they can’t get the nomination).

Why does he have no chance of winning?  Well he’s a one term Congressman who most people think is a nut.

But his running does fills two important roles in the primary.  The GOP has had socially conservative black guys run to say outrageous things – Herman Cain and Alan Keyes.  Plus they need a Congressman who has no chance of winning but stirs up the crazies – Bachmann and Bob Dornan filled that role in years past.  Put Bob Dornan and Alan Keyes together and you get Allen West.



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